Dream Ball


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Seoul, Korea studio UnPlug Design came up with this near-genius idea for providing makeshift soccer balls (okay, footballs) to third world children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. A wave-like pattern is printed (or perhaps perforated?) on the boxes in which material aid to these countries is often shipped; once the box is empty of its contents, children and aid workers can follow the patterns to break down the cardboard and assemble the ball. More background and pictures here.



  1. While the idea is good, I am not so sure about execution. See, one of they most important parts of a good football…is the weight. Anybody here who has ever tried playing football (IT IS NOT SOCCER) with one of those kiddy balls knows what I mean. You can’t pack the kick into the ball. Even if you are a 10-12 year old kid, those things are just too light.

    This one…especially with the holes going through it…I wonder how it feels to kick the “ball”. I get the idea, I get the whole we-are-trying-to-do-a-good-thing-here image here, but still, the product itself…I am unconvinced.

  2. The Idea is brilliant and beautiful!!

    In my opinion and experience; the light weight is a compromise that can be lived with.

    Wondering how long such a ball may last before it is flattened.

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