The New York Rocker


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A small but excellent selection of covers from “the definitive music and culture publication in New York City in the early 1980s.” I’d never heard of it before, but then in the Eighties New York was just an idea and not a real place for me yet. These covers evoke that dreamland of my youth though: gritty, plausibly if not authentically punk, confrontational and exclusive (who the hell were Human Switchboard? Oh, that’s who).

  1. mmmЁ for me it was more like ’77-’78.
    Was certainly authentic at that time or else I would’t have read it!

    And, anyway, the covers were much better.
    I could scan some for you if I find me (I recently movedЁ)

  2. thanks for pointing this out. when i was 13 i used to ride my bike for 45 minutes to get to a newsstand that carried new york rocker. a huge influence on me musically and culturally.

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