Out of the Office

What’s happening on this blog? Let me explain: for the past several weeks, I have been deeply engaged in an experiment I call “not blogging.” It’s a weird, wild alternative style of living in which I refrain from posting long, rambling diatribes on poorly-researched design topics close to my heart. Additionally, I have even abstained from the indulgence of publishing those shorter, no less inconsequential regurgitations of links you can already easily find elsewhere on the designy Interweb. In short, nothing’s going on here.

Instead, I’ve used most of this month to turn my attention instead to three other projects that have preoccupied my time. Two of them I can’t really speak about at this point, except to say one involves a new Web site and another involves ink printed on paper, the way they used to do it way back in the early years of the twenty-first century. You’ll be hearing more about both within a few months.

Me and Thuy

The third project though is the big one: since the start of March, instead of spending all week at the office, I’ve been at home on paternity leave with my daughter, who just last weekend turned seven months old. This thanks to the generosity of my superiors at The New York Times and the Family and Medical Leave Act, two things I’m grateful someone invented.

So, instead of spending my time hunched over a computer keyboard with ExpressionEngine, my days look something like this:

Thuy and Me

I’ve got about a week and a half left of this blissfully luxuriant time away from work, and I’m going to try and make the most of it. Still, I’m not sure this bizarre and deviant “not blogging” behavior is for me, so you can expect a little more activity at this domain starting now. Thanks for coming back and reading, folks.

  1. All that time hunched over ExpressionEngine is worthless without time off. Thanks for making my day with that great picture, and enjoy the rest of your paternity leave. You deserve it!

    p.s. Dads here in Quebec have paid paternity leave. All dads should be so lucky.

  2. Khoi: Here in California you get paid during the paternity leave, apparently laws in New York are different. However, spending time with your newborn is wonderful and priceless! and pay shouldn’t get in the way of that.

  3. that cute niece of mine sure knows how to wear a scarf. ps hey, i’d even add one more daddy blog to my morning perusal, if it was yours….

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