The League of Moveable Type


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Not a British fan society for SixApart’s flagship blog engine, but rather a clearing house for completely free typefaces available for download. At first glance, I was a little underwhelmed at the originality of the typefaces on offer, but at closer inspection they’re of commendably high quality. The first and most prominently displayed in their gallery, Matt McInerney’s Raleway, shown below, is quite nice on its own and quite amazing when you consider that it costs a total of none dollars. See the whole collection here.


Thanks to Gong Szeto for the link.

  1. They’re more than just free, they’re open source! That means no right restrictions, ever. Embed em, web-font em, whatever which way, and never worry.

    Considering “open source” in general means “ugly as sin, even if it works,” the League should be commended up and down the block, and then around it, too!

  2. I owe them my firstborn for League Gothic alone. Or a kidney, at least.

    We have no budget for type right now. The LofMT makes it possible to add a little something new to the closet with the designer’s full blessing. It’s a fabulous project.

  3. The League + FontSquirrel’s @font-face generator (with thanks to Paul Irish) has been a boon to me. The big foundries can try to fight the future for as long as they like; some of us are moving on.

  4. Beyond the typefaces, my favorite thing about the League is the people behind it: two remarkable young designers operating under the name “a good company.” They do some impressive stuff that I’d recommend everyone check out

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