Weeks without Tweets

Have you ever had that feeling of nagging guilt, the kind that slowly simmers inside of you when you know you haven’t been keeping up with something you really should be keeping up with? Like bills piling up on your desk, or your office email left unchecked for days, or medicines not taken daily or as prescribed by your doctor? That’s sort of the feeling I have right now.

I took most of this month off from posting to this blog, but it’s been at least four or five weeks since I’ve logged into my Twitter account. At first I welcomed the respite, the break from posting updates regularly or coming up with interesting things to say. Then I began to miss it a little as I started accumulating a little backlog of ideas and links I wanted to tweet. Somewhere in the middle of the month though, it turned to a kind of dread of the unanswered queries and unrequited mentions, and now I have outright anxiety over wading through whatever awaits me there on the other side of that login. Urgh. Social media is too much work.

  1. I agree with Jordan. On Twitter, you just start back up. No guilt.

    The blog, on the other hand, I totally hear you about. I’m up against a similar block.

  2. At first I got the feeling I was not doing my share when I don’t tweet. I am over it now.

    Tweets come now when I feel like. It’s hard to try to find something else but what is top of mind to tweet about, but when it’s confidential work or something that is ongoing for a while it’s pointless to tweet about it.

    All the same I like Twitter much better than Facebook, which I actually can’t stand. Great source of information in form of links from people I have chosen to feed me.

  3. I’m starting to feel like Twitter is some sort of pyramid scheme, not sure why b/c I use it and it can be fun. I go back and forth about it. I agree with Andrew though, don’t even waste your time going back.

  4. “Social media is too much hard work”

    I agree completely, and it’s especially hard work when your the only one doing it! We’ve just started a Blog (two posts to date) and a Twitter (a few more). Twitter is easier and less time consuming but if it’s being used for business you feel like you always need to post something relevant… “who knows who’s listening?”.

  5. I’ve just started tweeting, a bit of a later-starter I know. I’m yet to feel tweet-guilt but I get the same nagging guilt when I haven’t updated my blog (or worse still, not added a new project to my portfolio for over a year…). It’s similar to the feeling I get when I forget to send my mum a card on Mother’s Day.

  6. I agree completely with Jordan. The beauty of Twitter is its versatility – you can use it in whatever way(s) you want.

    Another great thing about Twitter is that “most” people don’t take it nearly as seriously as email and it is much less formal.

    Forget common email conventions, take a walk on the wild side and use Twitter how you want.

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