2010 Cannes Film Festival in Posters


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Collected in one place: promotional posters for twenty-six of the films shown at this year’s 63rd annual film festival in the South of France. None of them are particularly remarkable, with Mathieu Almaric’s “Tournée” being perhaps the most intriguing by virtue of its retro styling. Still, as a group they’re interesting at least as a survey of the graphical language that serious cinema uses in 2010, for better or worse.

  1. “Tournee” is great. I also liked “Atling Bliver Godt Igen” with its throwback to Hitchcock and Saul Bass. And of course, “Annee Bisextile” gains points for shock value alone. But I agree, most of these are unremarkable.

    Classic movie posters stand out because for the most part they are all illustrated. They are non-literal depictions of the theme, feeling, and subject of a film. I think this is also why foreign poster interpretations (Poland and Japan, to name a few) of Hollywood films turn heads so often.

    Contemporary film posters often lack vibrancy and uniqueness, and much of this, I think, is due to the over-reliance on photography rather than illustration. Too many posters seem like advertisements for the actors involved, rather than the film itself, and it feels like there’s a predominant sense of apathy amongst them, as in “the more bored these actors look, the more important this film is.”

    BTW, I love your site 🙂

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