Where A-Rod’s 600th Home Run Ball Is Likely to Land


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New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez is just three long balls away from hitting a milestone of six hundred career home runs. SeatGeek, which forecasts the value of seats at sporting events and concerts, used trajectory data from A-Rod’s previous home runs to calculate the probable landing area of no. 600 — not just the seating section within Yankee Stadium where the ball is likely to fall, but the actual seat that gives some lucky fan the best possible chance for catching the ball. See all the gory detail behind their math here.

  1. Seriously, I think we should think of this as Alex Rodriguez’s 480th home run or so. He should have 20 percent of his lifetime total reduced because of his past steriod use.

    He’s always been a great hitter, but his power numbers are skewed.

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