Fast Co.: “Urbanized” Will Be the Third Film in Gary Hustwit’s Design Trilogy


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The director of the excellent documentaries about design “Helvetica” and “Objectified” plans to complete his trilogy with a film about the design of cities. Alissa Walker writes:

“While ‘Urbanized’ will feature the signature superstar architects and city planners and politicians and commercial developers, Hustwit says he will also feature non-designers who have had a role in shaping their communities. ‘People take it for granted that they have to wait in traffic or that a certain part of the city will always be run-down,’ he says, noting that it’s those empowered citizens who often originate ‘really creative, modest but brilliant solutions.’ Hustwit stresses that ‘Urbanized’ will focus on getting people to understand that they can change their cities themselves.”

Read the full Fast Company exclusive here, or follow Hustwit’s progress over at the official site for the film.


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