Field Mic


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A great blog from artist Cole Pierce, designer and Twitter pal o’ mine Able Parris, and my friend and former design colleague at The New York Times Jeremy Zilar that collects recordings of “sound from the field.” The Chicago Reader recently voted it “best amateur music blog” and describes it this way:

“That means several posts a day that range from performances of music by little-known contemporary composers to video of oddball circuit-bent instruments and elaborate mechanical ensembles that play themselves, along with the occasional dude-and-guitar clip or actual music video. The blog is ecumenical in its tastes, though it leans a little toward the electroacoustic and ambient — and there are absolutely no reposts of clubby remixes of popular indie bands.”

It’s a nice little project, plus it uses Robbie Manson’s nicely done Vignelli theme for Tumblr. (Yes, I’m aware of the irony that, just a day after I posted about Tumblr’s propensity for shallow identity that I’m citing two instances where that’s not the case.) Read the Chicago Reader write-up here or visit Field Mic here.