Pixar’s “Day & Night” in Hardcover


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Moviegoers who saw Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” in theaters will surely remember the studio’s delightful animated short “Day & Night,” a typically brilliant lead-in to the feature that has now been adapted into a hardbound children’s book (already available for sale on Amazon.)

To my mind, this is the kind of thing that separates Pixar apart from all other film studios, whether producing animated or live action fare: they respect the stories and characters they create enough to find appropriate expressions for them in other media even when, as is the case here, there’s probably not a lot of money to be made. Compared to the large-scale public appetite for Buzz Lightyear tie-in products, there were probably very few who were clamoring to see the “Day & Night” characters get their own book, yet Pixar went to the trouble of making it happen anyway.


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