Grids Redux at SXSWi 2011

The Panel Picker for 2011’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival has been live for a few weeks now, soliciting feedback from the general public regarding the many, many fascinating sessions proposed for next year’s big digital meetup in Austin, TX. I’ve been remiss in not pointing out earlier that among the proposals is “Ordering Disorder: Grid Design for the New World,” a solo panel by yours truly.

This will be a kind of sequel to some of the grid talks I’ve done in the past, particularly one from several years ago at SXSWi 2007 when the estimable Mark Boulton and I presented a twenty minute overview of the subject. This time out, if selected, I’ll have a bit more time and opportunity to advance the conversation by several years, and bring forward some of the material I’ve been quietly packing into a book I’ve been writing on this very subject. Here’s the blurb:

“Everyone’s using grids, and grid tools and frameworks are everywhere. But do you truly understand the ins and outs of this powerful design principle, and how it’s changing along with new media and platforms? Chances are most digital designers have only a cursory knowledge of the grid’s concepts and best practices, overlooking the tremendous value that truly smart grid usage brings. In this expansive sequel to his famous 2007 SXSWi talk ‘Grids Are Good,’ designer and grid expert Khoi Vinh will give a bracing tour of the many ideas packed into his forthcoming book ‘Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design.’ This solo talk will span the history of grids, take a brass-tacks tour of best practices, and look ahead at some of the most enlightening and innovative thinking that’s shaping grid thinking in the future.”

If you’re going to SXSWi, or even if you’re just interested in this subject, I would greatly appreciate your support! Head over to the panel picker and vote today.

  1. I finally managed to vote for you. Not as easy as just clicking the thumbs up 😀

    One thing Khoi, if you read this: What tools do you use to calculate grids? I would be interested to know.
    Personally I use my own online calculator which I made in Excel and transformed to a webpage.

    Hope you have great luck with this voting.

  2. Sigurdur: I actually don’t use any tools, formulas or specialized calculator apps for my grid — aside from pen, paper and a simple calculator. I like to do the math myself, through trial and error, because I find it helps me think through the dynamics of the grid. I’ll try and explain more about this in the talk!

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