Freitag am Donnerstag


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FREITAG am Donnerstag is “a breakfast lecture series” organized by the bag and accessory designer/manufacturer FREITAG in collaboration with my good friend Tina Roth Eisenberg, better known as swissmiss. The series is meant to highlight their new Reference collection of media-inspired messenger and city bags, and they’ve invited a few speakers — including myself — to give talks about the state of journalism and the media. The first event is next Thursday morning in Zurich, Switzerland in FREITAG’s very cool-looking Reference Editorial Space.

FREITAG Reference Editorial Space Exterior
FREITAG Reference Editorial Space Interior

Zurich is a bit far for many of my readers, I know, but if you’re in Switzerland next week and can make it, you can read more and sign up here.

  1. hello from a new yorker living in zЧrich! hope you had a good trip over. looking forward to seeing the editorial space and to hearing you speak. hope you enjoy your time in the city! (and in paris too)

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