Ways I’m a Dork: Travel Edition

Ways I’m a Dork: Travel Edition

New essential traveling accessory: the Grid-It Organizer from Cocoon.As we get ready to leave Paris (where we’ve had surprisingly gorgeous weather for the past several days) and start packing for our return to New York tomorrow, I’m reminded how handy this simple but brilliant organizing tool is. The Grid-It has been a constant on all the trips I’ve taken over the past couple of months and I’ve come to really depend on it to give me quick access to items that would normally float about unaccountably in my bag. “A unique weave of rubberized elastic bands” allows me to hold close all the paraphernalia — cables, remotes, pens, dongles, adapters, etc. — that I’d otherwise have no single place to store. It’s incredibly dorky but also incredibly useful. I use the 12 x 8-in. gray model but you can find other sizes and black versions at Amazon.

  1. Looks useful!
    I normally use some of the free make-up/toiletry bags I’ve acquired through Clinique skincare promotions for all my paraphernalia. (A great word, I think, your use of which inspired me to write a blog post.)

  2. Michael: The Grid-It gives me easier access to specific items without having to rifle through a ziplock bag; I can just reach in and pull out an item without having to remove the whole thing. It also helps gives some of my less structured bags a bit more rigidity than a ziplock bag would; because it gives a shape to what would otherwise be a shapeless tangle of objects, and that shape is similar to the books, folders and the laptop I often have in my bag, it aids overall orderliness among my items. At US$20 it’s not for everyone, of course. Anyway, there’s my earnest answer to your snarky query.

  3. When did Ziplocks start costing 25б?

    This looks like my hair bands. I wonder if one could make one, a la Martha?

  4. This is one of the most amazing tools I have seen recently. Kudos to the defendants who have developed this product and this is definitely one of its kind. I really liked how the organizer can carry all your things together, without causing a chaos. This one can definitely surprise a lot of people when you put these out from your backpack!

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