Radiohead on Options for Releasing Their Next Album


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Bassist Colin Greenwood pens a lengthy and very thoughtful reflection on the band’s experiences with the pay-what-you-like model under which their last album, “In Rainbows” was released, and how that experience informs their current thinking on ways to release its follow-up.

“Traditional marketplaces and media are feeling stale… and we are trying to find ways to put out our music that feel as good as the music itself. The ability to have a say in its release, through the new technologies, is the most empowering thing of all.”

It’s a very interesting essay on digital distribution from the vantage point of a content creator, albeit a highly privileged content creator. Definitely worth reading in its entirety here.

I’m not very forthcoming about my attitude towards Radiohead mostly because it doesn’t seem that interesting for one to declare that one is a fan of the band. But I’ll say: I can’t wait.

  1. Radiohead is the most overrated band in the world.

    Check out Pretty Lights and NIN to see what the forward thinkers are doing.

  2. Khoi,

    I would agree it’s an interesting time for music.I would contend that Trent Reznor has been doing just as good job if not better than Radiohead releasing music in this technological era. His approach has been to essentially open source his music via the Creative Commons License.

    Would love to see Radiohead release their tracks to be remixesd in Garage Band or even an album for free.

  3. They’ve also open-sourced one of their music videos. It was recorded using LIDAR (lasers), and the data is available here.

    I think Radiohead is an amazing band. Maybe it’s because I grew up on them–they were around during a lot of important stuff!–but I like pretty much everything they’ve done.

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