Duffy: The Third Man


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Happening in London at the Lucy Bell Gallery right now: a retrospective of the work of British photographer Brian Duffy, sometimes referred to as “The Man Who Shot the 60s.” Duffy captured indelible portraits of iconic figures and is responsible for the unforgettable “Aladdin Sane” image of David Bowie, among others. The amazing thing about his work is that, aside from the tell-tale fashions of the era in which he photographed, his compositions and sense of life remain remarkably fresh — many of them look like they were shot yesterday.

Brian Duffy
  1. Unfortunately, It is not actually in London, the gallery is in Sussex close to Hastings, otherwise I would love to go.

  2. My mistake, Sam, I didn’t read closely enough. I’ve only been to the U.K. a few times, so unfortunately I have a pretty ignorant sense of its geography.

  3. I saw a documentary about him on Brit-TV and was amazed by the stuff he did: iconographic images galore!
    And then there is his description about how he quit photography in the middle of a studio shoot (got fed up by it, suddenly). Just walked out end threw most of his archive out.
    The part where he reminisced with his pal David Bailey about the golden days is very funny — the just turn into the kids they were at the time, shedding 40 years.
    Wonderful stuff!

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