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All Business

I took the Acela Express from New York to D.C. this past Friday morning. Sitting across the aisle from me were three businessmen, each with a mobile phone and each with an iPad — and no laptops.

  1. That’s gorgeous! I think I can just about make out a folded over American flag. I like how it feels there’s a lot to discover in this photo and the littlest things seem fascinating the moment I find them, like the lap top (ipad, my bad), or the bag o the chair, or the fact that two people are doing something on their phones.

  2. I find it fascinating too, but for me it brings up turmoil. I am an artist as well as a businessperson, and I am always in an internal conflict. I want to pity these businessmen, since they seem to be all business, at the same time, I want their gadgets and their connections. I really don’t know why I don’t have an iPhone yet. I making a bit of sport out of holding back, to see how long I can make it before I break down and get one. I love it and I hate it.

  3. Totally. If you use it with a bluetooth keyboard, it easily replaces a laptop (for non-design work), and is MUCH MUCH MUCH lighter. Also, built-in wifi access! Perfect for train rides

  4. The iPad works fine for business. It’s great to show a quick hi-res design portfolio to someone as well. I have 2 friends who are considering getting rid of theirs, however. They both told me they’re wasting too much time streaming Netflix in bed and watching more TV (downloaded to iPad) as a result of owning one. It’s quickly replacing the iPhone on the list of things getting between couples in the bedroom. i think that might relax some if the next OS includes multiple accts/fast user switching.

  5. I have an iPad and own my own business. With it I have easy access to any books I want to read as well as my business documents, the Internet and email. Oh, yes, and I can play Boggle and Scrabble to my heart’s content. I’m looking at the photo wishing I had a train commute.

  6. I don’t understand. No laptops? What if someone sends them a .zip with some documents and images? Or what if they need to FTP something? Or am I the only one who does these things on the move?

    iPad is nice for email, Twitter such, but I don’t see it replacing my laptop when I’m on a business trip.

  7. Haha! Well, my work involves editing and uploading loads of assets (videos, screenshots, etc.), specially during press events. I need Transmit, Photoshop, CodaЁ and with iPad I can’t do much of that.

    I see iPad as an accessory, not as a replacement to a laptop.

  8. My work is about 75% writing — email and document authoring. Once I installed iWork, OmniGraffle, and Dropbox, my iPad effectively filled all those needs. I’m very eagerly awaiting iOS 4.2 — after using 4.x on my iPhone 4, the iPad feels a little creaky. And I’m still using GMail’s web interface, which, although quite good, is not as fast as a native app. I just can’t live without conversation view, or at least threaded view

  9. @kevin
    It doesn’t mean that it needs to replace the laptop. Not having to lug a hunk of metal all the time would be a nice idea.

  10. @Sigrid. Valid point. There are a few musicians in my family who love music, and they kind of forget about the business side of things. I think that’s why musicians need managers and agents and accountants and lawyers etc. A long long long list of business people who allow them to just do their music. lol.

    As for getting an ipad or laptop on the move, I’ve considered it, but usually, I prefer reading or taking time out from technology. Time out doesn’t last long.

  11. I’m a business change consultant in the UK, and for the past 4 weeks I’ve taken nothing with me on trips other than my iPad, iPhone and paper notepad. I keep my mac and windows machines in my home office for big jobs, but for 95% of what I do the iPad works.

  12. In Southern Europe I’ve noticed there’s far less emphasis on iPad must haveness… not sure how the market is going but back home in Australia everyone was nuts about the launch.

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