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Australians and friends-of-the-blog Inventive Labs have just launched this awesome project: an HTML5 e-book reader that works on pretty much everything: iPhones, iPads, Kindle3s, even that antiquated technological mechanism known as a desktop Web browser.

Book.ish is based on the Monocle open source e-reader platform, meaning it requires no installation of any kind. Just point your browser there and start reading. You can even continue later whether you’re online or offline.

It’s pretty neat and will only get neater as more titles become available. Inventive Labs also have plans to build a publishing platform on top of Book.ish that will connect publishers and booksellers, so the potential is there for it to be more than just a reader but also a new distribution method for digital books. Read more and sample a handful of free books at Book.ish.

  1. Thank for Sharing Khoi,

    Here in the UK, we are working on an educational community project BeanDesk and we’ve been searching and analysing some of the e-book readers for the last few days. Bookish would certainly make it our list.

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