UX Magazine: Daniel Burka on Gaming Dynamics in User Experience Design


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An audio interview (and transcript) with the former creative director at Digg who is now working on a gaming startup. By now it’s obvious to everyone that gaming is the next great frontier for user experience design. Burka has some interesting insights to offer on what this means for the field as a whole.

“I think the idea that Web applications are now becoming mature enough that we can start thinking about joy, and about surprise, and making a much more rounded experience than just one that’s usable, I think that’s really exciting… there are a lot of places we’re going to see game ideas put into applications in ways that we’re not going to see it and say, ‘Hey, that’s just like a game.’ So it’s going to be in much more subtle ways and much more disparate ways than building a full integrated game into an application.”

I think that’s exactly right. Read more here.

  1. Fantastic. As long as he (and others) don’t go overboard/in the wrong direction — think Sebastien Deterding’s highly informative and spot-on presentation — I too think he’s exactly right. And I look forward to that world.

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