The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit and Guide


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This exhaustive inventory of things you can do with everyone’s favorite cloud-synchronized file utility is a true marvel. The Dropbox folks have to be completely blown away by pages like this, which speak so loudly to their tremendous success. Because this is what every startup wants: such pervasive enthusiasm for your product that you can hardly keep track of the many ways in which people are integrating it into their own products, and such uniform acceptance of your product as a de facto standard that new businesses feel the urgent need to integrate with it. All of this for a file utility. Amazing.

  1. JL, I think you’re way too biased towards Apple in this case (even though they can obviously acquire anything they want anytime), they’ve offered cloud support since (now Mobile Me) and their service is absolute crap (slow transfers, weak integration with devices, no cross platform support whatsoever).

    As a Dropbox premium user, I can tell you that Dropbox offers great Mac OS X and devices integration and I think its better if it’s kept that way.

  2. I’m with you on the Apple thing, Vicente. I fell in love with DropBox right out of the blocks. A premium user, I went the whole hog, buying into the unlimited history feature too. Great product, great service, great development.

    I use it for all my clients to be able to get files to me without ever jamming up my email servers with unpredictable file sizes. I use it to deliver articles to editors and other clients. I use it to back up my writing files, and to sync my SimpleNote and Notational Velocity work.

    A file utility? Oh so very much more.

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