Basic Maths Post-Xmas Sale Starts Today

Last year my friend Allan Cole and I decided to put Basic Maths, our theme for WordPress, on sale for the week right after Christmas. We figured it would be a nice opportunity for people who might have had the week off of work and were thinking about overhauling their blogs to get their hands on our theme for a third-off the normal pricing. The response was unexpectedly strong — who knew so many folks would have blogging on their minds during the quietest week of the year — and so this holiday season, with a new update recently released, we’ve decided to do it again: Basic Maths is on sale through the last day of the year for 33% off the regular price, bringing it down to just US$30. If you haven’t already got your copy — and remember, the new version includes a terrific mobile-friendly version of the blog theme — here’s your chance to get a great deal. But hurry, it only runs for a few days and we won’t put it on sale again for at least another year. Click here to read more or buy a copy.


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