Solid State Drive Upgrade for 2008/2009 MacBook Air


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Owners like me of the previous generation MacBook Air know that while they’re great computers, they’re plagued by slowness (unless you were smart — and wealthy — enough to opt for an SSD at purchase time). Other World Computing is offering new SSDs that will substantially increase the performance of these machines, as evidenced in the shootout comparison video. I’m tempted to do this myself, as the prices are not too outrageous. Pricing for the highest end model, 480 GB, has yet to be released though the 240 GB already runs US$580, so you can imagine the larger version will cost you nearly as much as a new, current-generation MacBook Air.

  1. I went with a refurb of the 1st-gen Air with 64gb SSD 2 years ago. Amazingly, TekServe in NYC offered me $500 in credit for it in November, so I traded it in and bought a new model Air for about $599 (11″, 1.4 ghz, 64gb SSD). So, the OWC replacement is pretty good, but check out your trade-in value for the old Air, if you have the chance.

  2. I upgraded my old black MacBook over the holidays with a 128gb solid state drive from Crucial (~$350), augmented by a new 500gb drive in the optical bay. Obviously it’s a different thing, but doing the swap itself was quite easy considering how many screws I had to take out.

    The speed difference is simply amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.

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