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The W3C unveiled an attractive new logo for HTML5 today. It’s nicely done work from a boutique studio I’m not familiar with called Ocupop. Don’t miss the interview with Michael Nieling, the creative director from Ocupop, as well. Overall, my only complaint is that the “HTML” part of the logo is apparently optional, as several versions of it feature just the “5” within its shield; to me that assumes a little too much that people really understand what this brand is or will be. That said, the logo page is terrific, providing all sorts of info and downloads, which is what every new logo should offer, in my opinion.

  1. I like it, but I just can’t see me placing it on a web site. Hopefully they’ll be explicit about the difference between ‘HTML5’ and ‘HTML 5’ in their promotional materials.

  2. Logo good, icons… hmmm. A nice way of prodding devs like me about the extended possibilities of html 5 and chums.

    Notice some complaining about the lumping in of some of those chums (CSS3 etc) as apparently part of HTML5. But overall I like.

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