Noir City Film Festival 2011


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Last year I told myself, “I really, really want to go to next year’s Noir City, the annual San Francisco film noir festival. Sadly, there’s nothing quite like it in New York, as far as I know: ten days of screenings — twenty four movies — from the golden age of noir filmmaking. Several of these classic flicks have been newly restored, and all have been impeccably curated by The Film Noir Foundation. I’ve really become fascinated by this genre in recent years, and I can’t get enough of them.

Alas, this year’s festival kicks off tonight and runs through 30 Jan, but I won’t be able to make it. Next year, I gotta figure out a way to be in the Bay Area during the week when this happens. More information here.

  1. San Franciscans certainly are lucky for having this annual event, but Film Forum in NYC inevitably does a noir series each year, and usually a much bigger one than the SF festival.

    If you like noir, Khoi, check out the newly re-opened Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, where today they are showing the B-film noir masterpiece The Big Combo Link

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