Museum of Modern Art Acquires 23 New Typefaces for Permanent Collection


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The brand of typography that I ‘grew up with’ is becoming a matter of the historical record. Curator Paola Antonelli writes:

“This first selection of twenty-three typefaces represent a new branch in our collection tree. They are all digital or designed with a foresight of the scope of the digital revolution, and they all significantly respond to the technological advancements occurring in the second half of the twentieth century. Each is a milestone in the history of typography. These newly acquired typefaces will all be on display in “Standard Deviations,” an installation of the contemporary design galleries opening March 2.”

There are some worthy additions, but there are some — like Verdana — that I’m less than fond of. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re not historically significant. Read the announcement here.

  1. Some landmarks in there for sure. Lots of typographic memories. Reminds me, though, that I’m still bitter about Emigre changing the name of “Manson” to “Mason.”

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