1. Argh. That’s one of those infuriating & meaningless “not really an infographic” graphic. I get the whimsy of it, but shouldn’t it be more like a Mark Lombardi drawing or even the new LinkedIn network maps?

    Nice calendar of posts, by the way. Is that new?

  2. Peter: I know what you mean about basically meaningless infographics. I’m generally not a fan but I found this one to be fun. Maybe because I’m such a fan of the Coen Brothers’ work.

    The calendar page you mentioned is not new at all! It’s been a part of the site for years, but of course no one really visits the archives section.

  3. Ah, makes sense (archives section I mean). It brought to mind that if Teuxdeux ever created a “month view”, that approach would make a lot of sense.

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