TD 63-73


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Boutique design publisher Unit Editions have announced their latest book: “TD 63-73: Total Design and Its Pioneering Role in Graphic Design.” An “insider’s account” of one of the more influential design studios from the height of mid-century graphic design.

“Written by Ben Bos, a key member of the studio, the book describes how a group of idealistic Dutch designers came together to form a multidisciplinary design studio that helped shape the future of graphic design. Total Design began in Amsterdam in 1963. Ben Bos joined the founders (Wim Crouwel, Benno Wissing, Friso Kramer and the Schwarz Brothers) from the outset. Together, and individually, they set new benchmarks for identity design, cultural design, exhibition design and product design.”

Preview images look very promising, and the cover is gorgeous.

Pre-orders will receive free international shipping (the book is sold from the U.K., where Unit is based). Of course, ordering means figuring out the company’s Web site, which is just good enough that it really should be much more usable and better designed than it is. Start deciphering the ordering process here.


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