Long Live the Design Director for NYTimes.com

Everyone gets replaced sooner or later. Roughly seven months after my departure, I’m told that my former colleagues at The New York Times have just hired someone new to take over my old job heading up the NYTimes.com design team. The very talented new design director is my good friend Ian Adelman, who, of course, was also the very talented design director who has helmed NYMag.com for the past four years or so. He did an incredible job there and he’s going to do an incredible job at The Times too. In fact, I slightly envy Ian this opportunity: there are lots of great projects there, and lots of great opportunities to do really meaningful design, and I sort of wish I was still there to work on them. Anyway, I expect great things. Congratulations to Ian, and continued good luck to my old colleagues at The Times, too.

  1. See, this is all kinds of exciting news. Working with Ian remains one of the highlights of my career. Really can’t wait to see what he does over at the Times!

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