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New York’s legendary Village Voice has their comics issue out this week. I used to read The Voice every week but this is the first time I’ve picked it up in years, I think. Sad. Anyway, the cover for this issue was illustrated by Ward Sutton and it’s terrific: a mash-up of several different comics artists’ styles and comics characters. See how many you can pick out.

The Village Voice

You can read stories from the issue here, or see the art slightly bigger here.

  1. I was quite proud of myself; I got them all but Spongebob as The Thing.

    I’ve been reading about how the Voice wrote an article about comic artists’ inability to make money, all the while not paying the artists in the big Comics Issue:

    Apparently, there were enough complaints that they had a change of heart and decided to pay them after all:

    Nevertheless, what an excellent cover!

    Mike Barron

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