1. This exact style (for all I know, this actual guy) has been around since at least the 70s, so are clearly hand painted. I recall seeing an original once, and they are around 36″ wide, which was actually shockingly small to me. The one I saw was also mixed media, with pen, ink washes and paint all used together.

    I always agreed they were very, very nicely done and painted to give an oddly emotive look to what is a piece of machinery, really.

  2. Oh, sure. These are current. I meant that he’s building on a tradition of this exact same illustrative style. He might even be old enough to have done it the old way.

    Cannot find any online, so I scanned one in a book I have laying around. Sadly, the big ones are across the fold, and repro is not terrific when blown up like this:


    This was published in 1981, so presumably is not computer-rendered.

    Some other views from this same book (other than straight elevations) are even prettier


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