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Earlier this year I wrote about the prolific comics blogger and Web gallerist John Hilgart, known as Half-Man Half-Static. In truth, his comics-related projects are so interesting to me that I find it hard to resist writing about every single one of them, especially the ones centered around 4CP, his fantastic blog/gallery of extreme details of comic book panels.

Here᾿s another project he’s doing over at the online magazine HiLobrow: every Friday, the site is running a themed selection of 4CP images, assembled by a guest curator. The first installment, last Friday’s “Lonely Crowd” featured moments of 4CP’s trademark stillness within renderings of crowds of people.

4CP at HiLoBrow

This Friday’s installment is all about shadows and the wonderfully expressionist conventions that comics artists have used to render them. As populist expressions of real art, I would take any of these over the paintings of the overrated Roy Lichtenstein any day. See more here.


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