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FontShop have just released an iPad version of their iconic “FontBook” resource. Like its print progenitor, which was 1,500 pages long and massive, this app is a 524MB download. But worth it.


The most amazing part is that it costs a ridiculously affordable US$5.99 in the App Store. Before you buy you can find out more here.

(Update: I just came across a terrific write-up for the FontBook app from Jens Tenhaeff. Read it here.)

Also worth noting: four years ago, in this blog post, I interviewed typographer and well-known type expert Stephen Coles about his work on the last major revision of the print edition.

  1. They’ve essentially created a pretty-looking site that sells fonts, put it into an iOS app and started selling the app! It’s genius. I haven’t had the opportunity to use the application but from screenshots it looks beautiful.

    Honestly, the type-geek within is whispering “buy it” whilst the frugality within is screaming “just go on the website!”

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