Box Office Mojo Takes Apart Numbers for Sarah Palin Movie “The Undefeated”


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After “The Undefeated,” the recently released documentary about Sarah Palin, ran for its second weekend in theaters, its promoters applied considerable spin to its box office performance. Box Office Mojo takes a closer look:

“To put these numbers into further perspective: The Undefeated’s ten theaters on opening weekend yielded 159 showings. Using the current average ticket price of US$7.86, that means the movie played to an estimated 52 people per average showing or at about one-fifth to one-quarter capacity. In the movie’s second weekend, which had 211 showings, the per-showing average attendance dropped to 15.”

Read the full analysis at Box Office Mojo.



  1. I would say based on the three movies I went to in Orlando and Vero Beach, FL that the numbers stated in the story are correct.

    But what number do you put on the views of Palin that were changed for the postive. 100%

    The theatre launch is phase one of what is likely to be the biggest marketig push for any documentary produced, anywhere, anytime.

    Diss the film all you want. It will be a game changer.

  2. @ramorywebb

    99% of the viewing audience already thinks Palin is an acceptable choice for their vote. People who already liked her like her some more. Whoo.

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