What They’re “Protecting” Us From


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My friend Anil Dash is smart and eloquent and capable of writing blog posts that floor you with their insight and their almost pitch perfect understanding of the form. You can explore the entirety of Dashes.com to enjoy them all, but his most recent entry, published just today, has got to be some kind of high-water mark.

Anil argues that the single greatest entrepreneur of our time is a living refutation of the oft-touted conservative fallacy and propagandistic line that liberal values are bad for business. In fact, this individual personifies the successful realization of liberalism. I tried to choose an excerpt to quote here, but the whole thing is so good, it demands to be read in its entirety.

  1. One could argue that at least some ‘conservative values’ are at play since apple isn’t in debt. 🙂 Anyways, to support Dash’s argument further: Warren Buffet (another saint of capitalism) wrote a great op-ed recently that also refutes a lot of republican economic theories. “Stop Coddling the Super Rich.”

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