Help Amit Gupta

If you’re like me you’re probably still pretty beat up over Steve Jobs passing away. Sadly that’s a loss that we can’t do anything about.

But a friend of mine is facing a similar, life-threatening dilemma, and there’s still an opportunity to do something about it. Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo, is battling leukemia. He’s looking for a bone marrow donor of South Asian descent. You can learn more about the situation and about how you can help on this blog post.

Amit is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and what he’s built with Photojojo is just awesome: a scrappy, incredibly fun and utterly new kind of consumer experience that takes any enthusiasm you might already have for photography and multiplies it exponentially. Anyone who knows him will agree: he’s going to keep giving the world amazing things if he gets the chance.

  1. Hello,

    A while back me and my wife have registered with Asian American Bone Donor Program which is part of NMDP. Here are the details about it.

    Donor Center #: 066
    Donor Record #: 123050

    I hope and pray that Amit will find a donor and get cured completely.


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