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It looks like I’m going to write about every project that John Hilgart turns out. I’ve already written a few times about his 4CP and Comic Book Cartography blogs, and now he has a new one, mining similar territory: Supertype! features big, beautiful scans of old comic book mastheads.

Supertype: Haunted
Supertype: Brother Power, the Geek
Supertype: The Demon

Though I was familiar with a handful of these already, the scale of each image makes me appreciate the hand-lettered quality of the logos and lettering in a whole new way. Browse them all here.


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  1. Once upon forever ago, I responded to graphic design job opportunity from a major independent comic book publisher. I was comic book addict growing up, and while that addiction was responsible for my pursuit of a career at the intersection of art and computers, I knew I wouldn’t be doing pencils or ink.

    So what did the graphic design job entail? With your average book, the design of new mastheads, inside front cover, artist column and letters. And of course publication design related to graphic novels and glossy hard cover books.

    As a fan I had always assumed that the big name artist doing pencils created the masthead. But as i discovered, there is much more of a team to this art.

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