The Story Behind Steve Jobs’ Black Mock Turtlenecks


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Earlier this afternoon I posted this on Twitter and it proved pretty popular, so I thought it worth posting it here too: Gawker has an excerpt from Walter Isaacson’s forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs that gives some background on how Jobs came to choose this uniform. Read the article here.

I figured posting it here would also give me an opportunity to reprint one of my favorite quotes from David Byrne: “People will you remember you better if you always wear the same outfit.” I’ve always liked that one.

  1. The nylon jacket “uniform” thing is shocking to me. It’s so anathema to the image Apple portrayed in the 1984 commercial and just about every other ad campaign they’ve ever done. They’ve always wanted people to think differently, but they wanted their own employees to all wear the same thing every day? So weird.

    I blame drugs.

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