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In the past I’ve written about my daughter’s fondness for my iPhone and how it makes a great toy for her, aside from the fact that it’s way too expensive and delicate to be treated as a toy. It’s no surprise that she feels the same way about my iPad, which is similarly perfect for her yet not perfect for us to give to her.

Griffin Technology and Crayola have a solution: their Trace & Draw “is both protective case and art table in one.”

Crayloa Trace & Draw

Its “shatter-resistant” polycarbonate shell snaps onto an iPad 2, and a free app lets the kids trace and interact with Crayola-provided content. If nothing else, it makes for a kid-friendly case, which I welcome. I only wish it fit the original iPad model as well, since I still have one of those and I’m not quite ready to hand over my still-pretty-new iPad 2 to a two year-old. Find out more here.



  1. Hmm. I think the last think I want to do is teach my kids to draw on the iPad with actual markers.

    We’ve found that a standard protective case has been enough to withstand the under-three crowd at our house.

  2. I got a bad feeling about this. Once a two-year old learns it’s “ok” to use a pen or marker on the iPad, she will likely think it’s ok to use without the paper on the screen. I have an 18-month old nephew who is crazy about his parents’ iPad. I don’t think he’s mature enough to understand the importance of the paper.

    I’d be interested to hear from current owners whether or not this actually happens.

  3. I have an Otterbox case for the ‘kids’ iPad. Mr 4 has dropped it at least a dozen times on concrete, painted it with fruit juice, thrown it across the room, scribbled on it with crayons and tried to use it as a skateboard … yet the iPad is still in ‘as new’ condition.

    While the cases are bulky, expensive and not very attractive – they work brilliantly.

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