Japan’s Zombie Preparedness


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Artist and writer Johnny Strategy takes a sobering look at the island nation’s preparedness for any potential crises of the undead.

On the one hand, Japan offers relative safety in that its reserves of zombie-sustaining resources are scarce: “With a cremation rate of 99.85% (2008 data), Japan and their corpse count, or lack thereof, would seem an ideal place to to ride out a plague of the undead.” On the other hand, the country’s geographic characteristics are fraught with post-apocalyptic risk: “Densely populated urban areas serve as ideal feeding grounds. And very little land to actually run to, coupled with the likely probability that other countries would deny you entry due to fear of contamination, certainly raises questions…”

Also included are some fascinating thoughts on the contrast between Eastern and Western zombies. Read more here.


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  1. Not sure if a lack of corpses would help with a zombie plague as they tend to involve living people dying and being converted into zombies rather than dead bodies being resurrected from the ground. I think the dense urban areas of Japan would be disastrous in the event of a zombie apocalypse so, personally, I’m going to stick to my plan of escaping to the Scottish highlands.

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