Canon Really Made This Mouse


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People on Twitter got a kick out of this so I figured I’d post it here, too. Canon really thinks there’s a market for its new combination calculator and mouse.

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim
To me, it’s a sublime example of how groupthink can produce shockingly hideous design. Even the name — it’s called the “X Mark I Mouse Slim” seems like a compromise between two different internal groups at Canon, each with only the dimmest grasp of good taste. On the other hand, if you’re smitten by this design, you can buy it here.



  1. YES. I love my Magic Mouse, but sometimes I think, if only there were some buttons under my hand to constantly hit by accident, it would be perfect.

  2. I’ll bet anyone $10 that the marketing will boast about how this hate crime of a peripheral puts such-and-such functionality “in the palm of your hand”.

  3. “You know, someday Khoi Vinh will need a new mouse, and you’ll regret not designing one he actually wants.”

    “That’s a problem for Future Canon. Man, I don’t envy that company.” [drinks vodka and mayonnaise, passes out]

  4. I was thinking, people in accounting or finance may enjoy to always have a calculator at hand, however the execution of this product is really questionable, do I really hit the buttons when I use the mouse?

  5. I’ve heard that a version of Firefox for China has a built-in calculator. It seems weird to us, but Chinese users apparently appreciate that kind of integration. Perhaps this mouse is similar and wasn’t designed with Western design sensibilities in mind?

  6. Playing devil’s advocate, I’d say there is a market for this in retail situations where the computer is used as the register. Especially so, if the computer is a mac and doesn’t come with an extended keyboard out-of-the-box (is this why the mouse is white — to match an iMac?). Still, the implementation of the idea makes this the Edsel of Mice — a MEDSAL, as homage to MIXEL!

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