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I’ve tried several different cases for my iPhone 4 in the year and a half that I’ve owned it. My favorite has been this faux camera design made of real wood from my friends at Photojojo but it was admittedly a bit bulky and it eventually cracked, as wood naturally does. I keep coming back to the the Speck Pixelskin which is lightweight, reliable and not too bulky, yet very homely-looking.

This morning I came across this design concept that looks like it might nail that elusive intersection of form and function. It’s called Elasty and it was created by designer Yoori Koo. It’s a silicone bumper fitted with elastic strips which allow you to stash your headphones, pens, cards etc. on the back of the phone.


At the moment it’s only a beautifully-rendered idea, not a shipping product, but it did win a design award from tech accessories manufacturer Belkin, so maybe it’ll be available for sale soon. Find out more here.

  1. Your card? Seriously? It’s like vacation’s worst nightmare: on another continent, no cash, card gets demagnetized because of iPhone’s generate field. Jeez

  2. I’ve been a huge advocate for no case whatsoever… the device is so beautiful by itself.

    After dropping it a couple times, however, I decided to try a case like this one from Cushi: http://www.idamericany.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29789

    Super fun and all it is is a sticker you put on the back of your phone (leaves no residue when removed). 50% safer without adding much bulk. And the best part are these little pads they include for the home button, giving it a bit of a bump that makes pressing it WAY easier.

  3. This feels like small improvement but it’s really is worth it.

    I am using Case-Mate’s ID card case for iPhone, so I can place money and credit cards in it and I don’t need wallet, but this cases looks way better as it’s made of elastic material and doesn’t leave a huge footprint.
    Looking forward to have one!

  4. I am wondering if there ever will be something like this for an Android phone. I have a Samsung Infuse and would really love a case like this for it. Please let me know if it’s available and where I might purchase one. Thanks

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