The Annual Basic Maths Sale Is On

Every year on the day after Christmas, my friend Allan Cole and I put Basic Maths, our theme for WordPress, on sale. This year is no different. Starting today and running until midnight 31 December, this versatile, highly customizable — and mobile-friendly — theme is available for one-third off, which brings the price down to just US$30 — a bargain, really. Get your copy now.

  1. Where to go for support?
    A client of mine bought this theme and now wants it to be translated. I see the language folder and now how to use a po file – but I can’t get it to work and can’t find any instructions in the documentation. Bsedies that when looking at the code it seems to me that it is expecting a php file in the language folder. Which doesn’t exist. Please assist. Thank you!

Thank you! Your remarks have been sent to Khoi.