Box Office Mojo: 2012 Movie Franchises


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A roundup of sequels, prequels and franchise extensions that will make their appearance at a multiplex near you in the next twelve months. Also included for good measure in the second part of this article is a survey of the wannabe franchises debuting in 2012.

It’s probably not necessary to lament the preponderance of these kinds of movies relative to the number of original ideas in movies today, but jeez, some of these get me depressed just reading their descriptions. Anyway, it all makes for fascinating reading, which is par for the course for the excellent Box Office Mojo. Read the post here.



  1. It’s always been like this. Sequels have been around since the Odyssey. Universal made five Mummy movies between 1932 and 1944. William Powell and Myrna Loy made six Thin Man movies between 1934 and 1947. Mickey Rooney made 16 Andy Hardy movies between 1937 to 1958.

    At least three Wizard of Oz movies were made before the 1939 classic. The 1941 version of The Maltese Falcon was the third movie version.

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