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It won’t be long before podcasting is a whole decade old, which I find amazing because I remember sampling my first podcasts when the medium was still brand new, even before they’d been rolled into iTunes. For almost the entirety of that almost-decade, I’ve been listening to podcasting impresario extraordinaire Leo Laporte, whose This Week in Tech (TWiT) empire has been one of the form’s biggest successes.

That’s why I was so flattered when I was invited to appear on one of Leo’s new shows, TWiT Photo, which he co-hosts with the amazing photographer Catherine Hall. The episode was recorded live on Tuesday and you can download it here.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about appearing on TWiT Photo because, if you peruse the show’s already deep archives, they typically feature lots of really talented professional photographers. By contrast, I regard myself as nothing more than a lucky amateur, but Catherine and Leo structured a great discussion about the intersection of design and photography, where the two disciplines overlap and how they can each complement the other. And, of course, we got a chance to talk about Mixel, too. It was loads of fun. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast here.

  1. Khoi — time flies. In 2009, I wrote a “Happy 5th Anniversary” blog post about podcasting — but noted that it wasn’t *actually* its fifth anniversary. I was referring to the 5th anniversary of a blog post by Doc Searls that helped raise the awareness of its potential. As they say, the rest is history.


  2. Nice to see you TV! And amateur photographer? I don’t know about that. You seem pretty pro to me. I still remember one of your photos. It’s from ages ago, but I loved the photo you took of two business guys on a train, one had a notebook or ipad or something like that. It was black and white. Beautiful. It also matched the theme of this blog.

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