Multiple Sclerosis and Mixel


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One of our most prolific users on Mixel is John DeFord of Bad Axe, Michigan. In a month a half, he’s posted over one hundred mixels (we’re working on adding profile pages to our Web site, so soon you’ll be able to see all of a user’s work outside of the app). I didn’t realize until I read this blog post that he also suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“If you have MS and are mobility restricted, like me, and if you have the means, I again recommend that you obtain an iPad and mount it to your wheelchair. It connects you to the world again. And, with Mixel all you will need is two working fingers to create beautiful collage art and meet other people around the world, all from your wheelchair.”

That just blew me away. Thank you, John, for sharing that. Read the full blog post here.



  1. Of all the Mixels you’ve shared here, Khoi, these are my favorite. Hard to imagine that collage can create such beauty–until you see it, of course.

    God bless you, John.

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