Moebius, R.I.P.


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The artist and comic book illustrator Jean Giraud, known to most as Moebius, passed away Saturday at the age of 73.


As a young comic book reader I remember how striking his work looked in comparison to his contemporaries. Comics are by nature fantastic, or at least they strive to be, but in Giraud’s hands even the most mundane took on a beautiful, otherworldly quality. The truth is that he was a true visionary of science fiction and fantasy, not just in comics but in concept work he did for major films like “Alien” and “Tron,” among many others. It would’t be an overstatement to say that he has had a profound effect on the way we all picture the future. More here.

  1. it’s Jean Giraud not Jean Giruad.

    (sorry.. i loved him and know the name for so long, and it’s repeated twice, so i had to report! sorry again.. 😉

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