U.K. Government Digital Service Design Principles


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The United Kingdom’s cabinet office tasked with transforming government digital services recently published this draft list of ten principles for digital design. As one might expect, none of them are particularly controversial, and so the whole batch seems somewhat bromidic. Still, it means something that a government office values design enough to put a stake in the ground about how it approaches the discipline. Read them all here.

  1. Khoi: thanks for sharing this link! I’ve sent this this info along to my design colleagues. The draft has some very excellent insights, indeed (clear, clean, simple). Even though there are differences in the way we approach digital design here, I think the ideas presented by the U.K. gov’t are/can easily be transferable in U.S. Do you agree?

  2. Hello Khoi, Ben here Head of Design at GDS, responsible for these guidelines.

    Thanks for the link. They are very much a first draft and we welcome all feedback.

    You can read a bit more about the thinking behind them here and a bit more about what the UK Government is doing digitally here.

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