Me on Design Matters

A few months ago the prolific Debbie Millman, design honcho at Sterling Brands and chair of SVA’s new Masters in Branding program, invited me to be a guest on her awesome Design Matters podcast, where she’s been interviewing notable design professionals for years. It was an incredibly flattering invitation, and I had originally been slated to guest back in February, but a family emergency forced me to cancel at the last minute.

So late last month I was finally able to make it to Debbie’s studio, which is located in the swank new offices for her masters program, and sat down with her to record an interview. It aired last Friday but you can listen to it at your leisure here. Based on all the episodes I’ve listened to in the past, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that Debbie had questions for me across the full span of my career. What struck me was that she was so well prepared though; she really does her homework in advance of these interviews, which I think was why it was so fun. Have a listen for yourself.

  1. I listened this past weekend. Design Matters is one of my favorite podcasts and I was happily surprised when I saw you were the guest. Very enjoyable listen.

    And I agree. Debbie Millman does a great job researching her guests. Most of the time I feel like she must know them personally with all the information she has at her fingertips.

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