Soasig Chamaillard


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French artist Soasig Chamaillard creates sculptures that play with Christian iconography — the Virgin Mary in particular — and modern popular culture. His most striking works are probably mashups of the Virgin Mary and various familiar entertainment franchises, e.g., Superman, My Little Pony, Mario Bros., etc.

Soasig Chamaillard

Full portfolio here.



  1. HaHa when people become lack of innovative capabilities the simplest way is to mix up and say its a new innovation. 😀 I wonder how a such a person called by ‘Artist’!

  2. 😉 there is a clear cut between Artistic work and lost in ideas.

    When it comes to IT worlds we call it, virus!
    When it comes to Children world we called it pre mature!
    When it comes to Art we call it paint spilled over the good art!

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