Fonts in Use 2.0


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This happened while I was on vacation last week: Stephen Coles and company relaunched their wonderful Fonts in Use site, opening it up so that anyone can submit samples of type in the wild.

“Today we introduce the Collection, a much larger archive of typographic design open to public contributions. With this new site, our visitors become collectors. Submit your own work or other examples of typography you admire. Build a page of your contributions, a reflection of your typographic taste, headlined with your profile and bio.”

It’s already a great resource, and it will only become more valuable over time. Read about the relaunch here.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Khoi. Please feel free to add some of your fine work to our collection. This fantastic site, for instance, is one of the better arguments for Helvetica. (And that’s coming from a frequent Helv detractor.)

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