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Photographer and director Larry Clark’s new film, “Marfa Girl,” is pushing the envelope on digital distribution. Not only will it not be screened in theaters, but it won’t even be available on Blu-Ray or DVD either. You can stream it from Clark’s Web site for US$5.99 — but only for twenty-four hours, starting about two hours ago. After that, it’s gone, or so Clark claims. I find it hard to believe that “Marfa Girl” won’t eventually show up on disc or become continually available for paid download or streaming at some point in the future, but as marketing gimmicks go, this one caught my attention, anyhow. Read more about it at Slashfilm.


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  1. From Slashfilm: “UPDATE: Due to a misunderstanding, I originally stated that Marfa Girl would be available online for just 24 hours. In fact, it will be available online indefinitely; purchasing a streaming pass at any time will give viewers access to the film for 24 hours. Original story follows.”

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